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Website improvements!

NewsPosted by Michael Warming 2012-06-06 05:59PM
A new section is added; "#Media" - on there you can:

* See my Twitter timeline.
* Shuffle random tweets of mine.
* Read my latest blog posts.
* Find and submit articles/interviews/appearances of me in various media.

Other than that you're now also able to show your twitter followers what you're listening to with the option to tweet my songs with the hashtag "#nowplaying". We've also added the option to tweet and facebook-like my youtube videos directly from the website.

There's also been less visual changes to enhance the performance of the website - so that your precious visit will be as smooth as possible.

Now, go try everything out and like/share like there's no tomorrow! :)

Much love.

// Michael Warming

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Mobile friendly website!

NewsPosted by Michael Warming 2012-03-20 08:48PM
You're now able to smoothly surf and stream music from my website on your mobile device (smartphone for example) on michaelwarming.com/m/ - don't forget to bookmark it; keep me warm inside your pocket! :)

// Michael Warming

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Subscription service for new songs

NewsPosted by Michael Warming 2010-09-16 03:23PM
Subscribe to get notified when new music/videos/features are available on michaelwarming.com

Check it out on: www.michaelwarming.com/subscribe

With this service you'll be able to keep instant track of new songs and videos as they get uploaded on the site.

I will personally write all of the emails that are sent out via this service.

It's totally free of charge and you're guaranteed no spam.

I'd like to humbly thank any subscriber to-be in advance. This is what it's all about.

// Michael Warming

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