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Happy new year!

OtherPosted by Michael Warming 2013-01-02 01:02AM
I hope this coming year will offer you many new positive experiences, bring you new wisdom and good health. And may you find the necessary strenght to work for - and towards - the things you wish to succeed in.

Do no harm. Do no evil. Be good. Be kind. To others and to yourself.

Much love.

// Michael Warming

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A few words to start the new year by

OtherPosted by Michael Warming 2011-01-01 04:21PM
Understanding is key; and that includes understanding that you don't always understand. All we can do is try our best. Try our best to be objective and not face people with our own luggage of prejudices. And always have faith in the good of people until they (possibly) prove you wrong, not the other way around.

And remember that you're here for a reason, we all are - you are who you are, and there's only one person in the world who can execute the job of being you flawlessly; and that is you.

Spread your light and love to those you feel deserve it and don't forget to love yourself - treasure and nurture your relationship to yourself; it's going to last your whole life.

Happy new year :)

// Michael Warming

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My own made environmentally friendly micscreen

OtherPosted by Michael Warming 2010-08-02 11:19AM
I love used stuff; it has it's own soul, it's own story - so I figured I'd combine that love with some recycling and make me something useful.

My recipe:

* Cardboard from one of my shipments from thomann (music store).
* A piece of left over sound diffusion foam from Studio Swedish Songs.
* A towel.
* Glue.
* A lot of measuring and a little ingenuity :)

Put it all together and you have one environmentally friendly micscreen!

I (costum)made it so that it fits and hooks right on and off one of my music stands. The towel is glued to the backside of the cardboard for both sound elimination and durability. Except from the glue, the micscreen is recycled all the way through - and it works like a charm!

// Michael Warming

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