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Hitting the studio in June!

EducationPosted by Michael Warming 2011-05-05 10:30PM
I'm currently in the final phase of spring term, with 26 days left to go I'm 2 weeks ahead! Hopefully I'll keep extending my lead so that I have about 3 weeks to recuperate and do some fishing before I hit the studio and start recording in June.

For those of you (lovely people) who have noticed that its been pretty still here lately; I havn't fallen off the earth :) I've just been massively swamped with studies. But, parallel to my university studies I've been working on some new songs and finishing up old ones. Right now I have about 9 brand new (unheard) songs that's just waiting to be recorded!

On another note (pun intended) here's my latest exam that I aced big time! :D

// Michael Warming

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Burning the midnight oil

EducationPosted by Michael Warming 2011-02-02 02:32AM

// Michael Warming

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EducationPosted by Michael Warming 2011-01-27 02:54PM
My first year as a collage student of music has passed - and now begins a new academic year, with new things to learn and master, new challanges to wrap my brain around and new wisdom to absorb.

I'm doing "advanced music theory 1" during the first semester (which has already begun) and during the second semester I'm doing "advanced music theory 2". Next year I'm doing 3 & 4 accordingly. I'm kinda struggling with this first one already so 4 oughta be some serious shit. There's a imminent risk that my hair will turn grayish by 2012.

// Michael Warming

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