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Hitting the studio in June!

EducationPosted by Michael Warming 2011-05-05 10:30PM
I'm currently in the final phase of spring term, with 26 days left to go I'm 2 weeks ahead! Hopefully I'll keep extending my lead so that I have about 3 weeks to recuperate and do some fishing before I hit the studio and start recording in June.

For those of you (lovely people) who have noticed that its been pretty still here lately; I havn't fallen off the earth :) I've just been massively swamped with studies. But, parallel to my university studies I've been working on some new songs and finishing up old ones. Right now I have about 9 brand new (unheard) songs that's just waiting to be recorded!

On another note (pun intended) here's my latest exam that I aced big time! :D

// Michael Warming

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